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We’re a vibrant community dedicated to showcasing the rich Chicano culture.

Who Are We

A Platform for Chicano Voices and Traditions

At Latino USA TV, we’re more than just a media outlet. We’re a vibrant community dedicated to showcasing the rich tapestry of Chicano culture, history, and traditions. Our mission is to become the leading voice of the Chicano movement, ensuring that the stories and achievements of Chicanos are heard and celebrated globally.

What We Do

Inspiring Through Entertainment and Education

Our diverse range of programs caters to all tastes, from drama to comedy and everything in between. Each crafted to entertain while staying true to our Chicano roots. Latino USA TV is a community Chicano hub that fosters connection. We provide a space where latinos and supporters can come together to share stories and experiences, promoting growth and unity within the community. Our content serves as a stage to empower and amplify the voices of the Chicano community. From showcasing emerging talents to honoring the work of seasoned professionals.

Educate, Entertain, and Inspire Latinos

Enriching knowledge, captivating entertainment, and powerful inspiration in every piece of content we create.









Latino Host

Get To Know Our Host & Shows

Discover our dynamic hosts, each with their unique insights.
From young lawyers to car builders and educators. Our hosts bring latino perspectives to inspire others.

Irma Payan Show

Host: Irma Payan
Engaging conversations, cultural insights, and inspiring stories for everyone.

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La Platica

Host: Dr. Jose
Leyba Dynamic discussions, cultural depth, and vibrant community engagement.

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Art That Inspires Us

Host: Roman Reyes
Celebrating creativity, evoking emotions, and sparking imaginative conversations.

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Young Latinos

Host: Marcos Tapia
Empowering voices, showcasing achievements, and inspiring the next generation.

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Jesus Hernandez

Host: Jesus Hernandez
Insightful commentary and compelling stories from an award winning journalist.

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Of The New World

Host: Elizabeth Toledo
Cultural awareness and Women in leadership roles.

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Francisco X Gutierrez

Cultura Caliente

Host: Attorney Francisco X. Gutierrez
Sharing stories about hottest things happening in latino culture.

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Miranda’s Garage

Host: Luis Miranda
Innovative automotive transformations blending craftsmanship & passion.

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La Voz De Tucson

Host: Raul Aguirre
Visionary Leader and Pioneer in Latino Mass Communications.

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Arizona LowRider and Bomb Stories

Host: Steven Alvarez
Sharing stories about lowriders and bomb stories.

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Comedy Talk

Host: Mando Man
Hilarious sketches, relatable humor, and a uniquely Latino perspective.

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Salud, Dinero, y Amor AARP Arizona Hispanic Connection

Host: David Parra Luna
Educate on the aforementioned issues, celebrate Latino accomplishments.

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Ruby Unfiltered

Host: Ruby Martinez
Where we break the silence and shatter the stereotypes.

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