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Discover our dynamic hosts, each with their unique insights.
From young lawyers to car builders and educators. Our hosts bring latino perspectives to inspire others.

Irma Payan Show

Host: Irma Payan
Engaging conversations, cultural insights, and inspiring stories for everyone.

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La Platica

Host: Dr. Jose
Leyba Dynamic discussions, cultural depth, and vibrant community engagement.

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Art That Inspires Us

Host: Roman Reyes
Celebrating creativity, evoking emotions, and sparking imaginative conversations.

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Young Latinos

Host: Marcos Tapia
Empowering voices, showcasing achievements, and inspiring the next generation.

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Jesus Hernandez

Host: Jesus Hernandez
Insightful commentary and compelling stories from an award winning journalist.

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Of The New World

Host: Elizabeth Toledo
Cultural awareness and Women in leadership roles.

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Francisco X Gutierrez

Cultura Caliente

Host: Attorney Francisco X. Gutierrez
Sharing stories about hottest things happening in latino culture.

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Miranda’s Garage

Host: Luis Miranda
Innovative automotive transformations blending craftsmanship & passion.

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La Voz De Tucson

Host: Raul Aguirre
Visionary Leader and Pioneer in Latino Mass Communications.

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Arizona LowRider and Bomb Stories

Host: Steven Alvarez
Sharing stories about lowriders and bomb stories.

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Comedy Talk

Host: Mando Man
Hilarious sketches, relatable humor, and a uniquely Latino perspective.

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Salud, Dinero, y Amor AARP Arizona Hispanic Connection

Host: David Parra Luna
Educate on the aforementioned issues, celebrate Latino accomplishments.

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Ruby Unfiltered

Host: Ruby Martinez
Where we break the silence and shatter the stereotypes.

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